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Pallets Ingleburn

Pallets in Ingleburn: Unveiling Excellence with DPP 

Direct Packaging and Pallets have been quietly revolutionising how things are moved and stored in Ingleburn for over 15 years. Our expertise lies in creating different types of pallets to suit various needs.ity pallets in Windsor. As a family-owned business with over 15 years of experience, we proudly supply timber and plastic pallets to various industries in Windsor and across Sydney. 

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We blend family values, eco-friendly practices, and innovative ideas to offer reliable pallet solutions. In busy Ingleburn, DPP stands as a dependable source, providing a range of pallet options that redefine transportation and storage.

Pallets for Every Need

At DPP, we make a range of pallets in Ingleburn that open up exciting options. We have what you need if you want used wooden pallets or new ones that are perfectly manufactured. You can even get custom pallets made just for you with the exact things you want; you can pick the colours – whatever your brand likes.

Elevating Exports: Euro Pallets

For businesses going across Europe, Euro pallets are like trade passports, not just platforms. Our Euro pallets are light and also really good at making shipping costs lower. Our Euro pallets in Ingleburn are all about smart shipping – they're dependable and save money too.

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Plastic: A Sustainable Choice

Direct Packaging and Pallets shines bright in a world that cares a lot about being eco-friendly. Our pallets in Ingleburn are strong and dependable. One great thing about them is that they can easily pass through customs without any problems, unlike some wooden pallets that can get stuck. If you care about the environment, you'll be happy to know that our plastic pallets in Ingleburn are here to carry heavy things while also taking care of our planet.​

Service Range: Beyond Pallets

Direct Packaging and Pallets offers more than just pallets in Ingleburn. Our services also include getting rid of waste, which is really important nowadays. We have different sizes of bins that can be lifted with hooks, making managing and recycling waste easy. Plus, we care about the environment - we recycle a huge 85% of the waste we handle, showing how much we love being eco-friendly.

High-Quality, Affordable, Swift

In the realm of pallets, quality isn't an option; it's a necessity. DPP stands for high-quality pallets. Yet, we don't equate to exorbitant prices. The affordability factor is a testament to our commitment to making logistics solutions accessible to all. And speaking of solutions, fast turnaround times are our forte - a promise kept without compromise.

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In Ingleburn, Direct Packaging and Pallets leads the way in new ideas, caring about the environment, and being dependable. We have lots of different kinds of pallets to choose from. If you need anything related to pallets in Ingleburn, you can get in touch today. Call us at 02 4703 4399 or 0421 578 377, or send an email to We'll get back to you quickly!

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