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Welcome to DPP: #1 For Pallets In Sydney

Direct Packaging and Pallets have been specialising in timber pallets for over 15 years; we offer a wide range of Pallets at competitive prices, so look no further.

Whether it is second hand timber pallets, brand new, custom made, export or plastic pallets or used pallets for sale, we are sure to have an option to suit you.




 High Quality Materials 
Affordable Prices

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Direct Packaging and Pallets - The Top Manufacturer in Sydney

At Direct Packaging and Pallets, we're not just a business but a family. With over 15 years of industry experience, we've honed our craft in delivering high-quality timber and plastic pallets for sale while creating lasting relationships with our customers. But as leading pallet manufacturers in Sydney, we don't just stop at providing the finest pallets.  

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Comprehensive Pallet Solutions

DPP has a wide selection of pallets, from second-hand timber pallets to brand new and custom-made ones, export and plastic pallets. Our vast assortment makes us confident we can cater to your unique requirements. If you're looking for used pallets for sale or plastic pallets for sale, you've landed on the right platform. We stand by our pallets' quality, durability, and ability to handle all types of goods.

Unmatched Services

Our services go beyond just pallet sales. We have a comprehensive range of offerings to accommodate all your packaging and shipping needs.

These include:

Manufacturing & Delivery of Timber Pallets
We meticulously manufacture our timber pallets, focusing on superior quality and durability. Plus, we deliver them promptly to your doorstep, ensuring a smooth and convenient process.

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Repairing Second-Hand Pallets

Don't let your worn-out pallets go to waste. Our experts are adept at bringing used pallets back to life, thereby saving you from the unnecessary costs of purchasing new ones.

Waste Removal

Efficient waste management is critical to running a seamless operation. We offer waste removal services to ensure your premises are clean, safe, and conducive to productivity.

Commercial and Trade Waste Removal

Beyond individual businesses, we also cater to commercial and trade establishments. Our waste removal solutions are designed to handle large volumes, facilitating efficient operations.

Hooklift Bin Hire

Choose from our wide range of hook lift bins to handle large volumes of waste. These bins are ideal for commercial, manufacturing, and industrial waste. They are also perfect for maintaining a clutter-free environment.


We're not just a reliable pallet manufacturer in Sydney but also a responsible corporate citizen. We aim to recycle as much waste as possible, mitigating the environmental impact.

Bulk Transport

Whether you need to move goods across the city or the country, we provide bulk transport services to ensure your products reach their destination safely and timely.

Embracing Sustainability

At Direct Packaging and Pallets, we understand that sustainability is a shared responsibility. We're committed to reducing waste in landfill sites, preserving our environment for future generations. When you partner with us, you get exceptional service and high-quality products and contribute to a greener planet.


Our team commitment to preserving the environment and sustainable practices sets us apart from other pallet manufacturers in Sydney. When you need used pallets for sale or plastic pallets for sale, we're the name you can trust.

Quality is Our Promise

At Direct Packaging and Pallets, our team always maintains quality and personalised service. We realise that pallets are more than pieces of wood or plastic assembled. They are the fundamental building blocks of your business operations, entrusted with safely transporting your valuable goods.

Therefore, we invest significant time and effort in ensuring that each pallet we manufacture meets the highest durability and reliability standards.


As a prominent pallet manufacturer near you, we ensure each piece is thoroughly inspected before it reaches your hands. Whether you're seeking used pallets for sale or plastic pallets for sale, we guarantee that every product you purchase from us will deliver the resilience and dependability you need.

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Furthermore, our pallets are more than one-size-fits-all. We understand that each business has unique needs. That's why we offer custom-made pallets designed to meet your specific requirements.If you have unusual

dimensions or need pallets capable of withstanding heavier loads, our team of skilled craftsmen is at your service, ready to design and build bespoke solutions tailored just for you.

Get In Touch Today

Ready to experience the Direct Packaging and Pallets difference? Contact us today at 02 4703 4399 or email us at Let's work together to meet your packaging and pallet needs while paving the way for a sustainable future.

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